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Dog Grooming Tools

What can we do for your pet?

The Compassionate Professional Groomer

We offer a number of services, to suit your pet. 
Here at Diamonds In The Ruff, we groom dogs, be they big or small, and purebred or cross bred. We aim to provide the service and groom that is required for your pet and its coat type.

Please bare in mind, our prices vary depend on the dog. 
All breeds, and cross breeds are welcome, and we will provide the specific grooming needs for your pet. 


Full Groom

Our full grooms include a deep cleansing bath with quality and professional products, drying, clipping/styling, sanitary clipping and nail clip/sanding.

Hand Stripping

Traditionally a method used on many Terrier and Spaniel coats. This is the delicate removal of undercoat by hand, leaving a better finish and healthier coat. Bathing, drying, further styling if required and nails clipping is included. 



Many breeds have double coats or short but constantly shedding coats. We bathe the dog in quality products and dry the coat to remove as much dead hair as possible, using specialist equipment, any loose hairs are removed. This also included any further style, pad trimming and nail clipping.

Other pets

Have a bunny needing a brush out and nail trim?

What about a ferret needing a bath?

Maybe your tortoises beak is getting a little long?


Get in touch and we can see if we can help your other pets.

Cute Bunny
Dog Walk

Walk in Nail trims 

We welcome nail trims to the salon without making an appointment, so long as the pet allows us to clip them. 

This includes Dogs, Cats, small mammals, and reptiles!

Nails should be kept short so they do not hinder the foot structure. 

Walk ins are accepted Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 3pm.

Dog Blower
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